Washington Commanders 2023 Prime Time Games

Washington Commanders 2023 Prime Time Games

In 2023, the Washington Commanders, formerly known as the Washington Redskins, are preparing for an exciting football season following the release of the NFL schedule. Despite previous controversies surrounding the team’s ownership and team name change, the spotlight now shifts back to the game. The focus is on new starting QB Sam Howell, who replaces the underwhelming Carson Wentz, along with other key players such as WR Terry McLaurin and DE Montez Sweat. With the team’s draft results revealed and a comprehensive schedule in hand, fans and experts are ready to evaluate the potential of the Commanders in the upcoming season.

Preseason Analysis

The Commanders’ preseason will be an essential period for the team to build chemistry, particularly with new quarterback Sam Howell. The preseason schedule includes games against the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. The performance in these games will give a better idea of how the team has developed during the offseason and the potential they have for the regular season. This preseason period will be critical for Howell to build connections with his receivers, notably Terry McLaurin, and for the defense to establish its new identity without Chase Young.

Analysis of the Season

The Commanders have a relatively balanced regular season schedule in 2023. They will play games against both the AFC East and NFC West, as well as their regular games against their NFC East rivals. Additionally, they will face the fourth-place finishers of the AFC West, NFC North, and NFC South.

In the first half of the season, the Commanders will have significant tests against the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, and Buffalo Bills. These games will set the tone for the rest of the season. In the second half, a critical game against the Dallas Cowboys awaits in Week 12. The Commanders have a tough end to the season with games against the San Francisco 49ers and another against the Cowboys, which could potentially be vital for their playoff hopes.

Prime Time Games

Thursday Night Football: Week 5 – Commanders vs. Chicago Bears

In Week 5, the Commanders are set to host the Chicago Bears in a prime-time Thursday Night Football showdown, scheduled to start at 8:15 PM Eastern on Amazon Prime Video. This marks a high point in the season as the Commanders and the Bears have a rich history of competition. In last season’s thrilling encounter on Thursday Night Football, Washington emerged victorious with a narrow 12-7 victory on Chicago’s home turf, showcasing the resilience and tenacity of the team.

Notably, this year’s game is set to take place at the Commanders’ home stadium, FedExField, which adds another layer of anticipation and excitement. This is the first time Washington will host Chicago since their 2019 faceoff and the second time the teams will engage on a Thursday Night Football showdown at FedExField. Washington has a slightly favorable overall record against Chicago, boasting a 23-21-1 win-loss record and a home advantage with a 13-11-1 record when playing in Washington. The prime-time slot ensures that the game will be in the spotlight, attracting national attention.

Thanksgiving Day: Week 12 – Dallas Cowboys vs Commanders

Week 12 is set to be a massive occasion for the Washington Commanders as they travel to face their arch-rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, in a high-stakes Thanksgiving Day showdown. Scheduled for 4:30 PM Eastern on CBS, this prime-time matchup carries the weight of a long-standing rivalry between the two NFC East stalwarts.

Washington’s all-time record against Dallas is relatively balanced, making this a fascinating fixture in the Commanders’ 2023 schedule. Considering the teams’ historical performances and the broader implications of the rivalry, the Thanksgiving Day game promises to be one of the most watched and discussed games of the season.

This primetime game against Dallas, a team that traditionally hosts a game on Thanksgiving Day, provides an excellent platform for the Commanders to showcase their skills and strategy on a national stage. It’s a game where new and established stars have a chance to shine, rivalries are intensified, and memorable moments are made.

Flex Scheduling Possibilities

In addition to the confirmed prime-time games, there’s also the possibility of flex scheduling as outlined by the NFL. This allows for potential Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football games to be scheduled in response to season developments, ensuring that the most intriguing and high-stakes games receive the prime-time slots they deserve. This means that the Commanders could see additional prime-time games during the season, depending on how the team performs and the level of interest in their games.

Overall, the Commanders’ prime-time games in the 2023 season provide an opportunity for the team to display their prowess to a national audience, particularly against strong opponents such as the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys. These games will undoubtedly be some of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated events of the season.


The Washington Commanders’ 2023 season will undoubtedly be a compelling one to watch. With a new quarterback in Sam Howell, a challenging schedule, and two prime-time matchups, the team has numerous opportunities to make a statement in the NFL. The success of their season will depend largely on Howell’s performance and the ability of the team to replace the productivity of Chase Young. The Commanders’ fans and staff alike are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming season, hoping for a successful run and a possible return to the playoffs. The next few months will provide the answers to all the burning questions surrounding the team.


When and where will the prime time games for the Washington Commanders be held in the 2023 season?

In the 2023 season, the Washington Commanders are scheduled to have two prime time games. The first is in Week 5, where they will host the Chicago Bears for a Thursday Night Football matchup at 8:15 PM Eastern on Amazon Prime Video. This game will be held at the Commanders’ home stadium, FedExField. The second prime time game is set for Week 12, where the Commanders will travel to play against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. This game is scheduled for 4:30 PM Eastern and will be broadcast on CBS.

What is the flex scheduling and how might it affect the Commanders’ prime time games?

Flex scheduling is a feature that allows the NFL to change the time of a game, typically to move a more competitive or attractive game into a prime-time slot for Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football. This system typically applies to games in the latter part of the season, from Week 5 through Week 17. This means that the Washington Commanders could potentially have more prime time games depending on how their season progresses and how attractive their remaining games are for a national audience. It’s also important to note that the NFL usually gives at least 12 days notice before changing a game’s time under the flex scheduling system.

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