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As the dust settles from the 2022 season and the excitement of a new campaign takes hold, it’s time to take a look at the Dallas Cowboys’ 2023 schedule. With a 12-5 record in the previous year, the Cowboys fell short in the NFC Divisional round against the San Francisco 49ers. Following a storm of fan criticism, Head Coach Mike McCarthy survived the offseason cull that saw five assistants leave. With the new NFL schedule now released, let’s dive deep into the Cowboys’ upcoming prime time games and how the team might fare this year.

Preseason Analysis

Preseason is a critical time for any NFL team, offering the chance to shake off the rust, integrate new players, and refine strategies. Dallas enters the preseason with an intriguing blend of seasoned veterans and young talents eager to make their mark. The team’s stalwarts, Dak Prescott (QB), Micah Parsons (LB), and Trevon Diggs (CB), will be the centerpiece around which the Cowboys’ fortune will revolve.

However, preseason isn’t just about the established stars. It’s a time to watch for new faces and possible breakout performers. The Cowboys’ draft picks and off-season signings will have their chance to showcase their skills and fight for a spot on the roster. The pressure will be high, especially with the potential changes in the coaching staff’s approach following last season’s results.

Analysis of the Season

As always, the Cowboys face a challenging schedule in the 2023 season. They will square off against several powerful opponents, some of whom have proved challenging in recent matchups. The Week 5 rematch against the 49ers will be a critical point, an opportunity for the Cowboys to enact revenge on their divisional-round conquerors. Other key fixtures, like the matchups against the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers, will test the mettle of this Cowboys team.

The Dallas Cowboys’ performance in these games will likely influence the course of their season, not to mention McCarthy’s future with the team. The Cowboys’ strength lies in their powerful offense led by Prescott and their tenacious defense helmed by Parsons and Diggs. How these units fare against the high-octane offenses and sturdy defenses of their opponents will be a key narrative throughout the season.

Prime Time Games

Prime time games represent the pinnacle of NFL excitement, delivering high-octane football under the national spotlight. These matches are not only an opportunity for teams to demonstrate their prowess on a larger stage, but they also often have significant implications on season outcomes. For the Dallas Cowboys, the 2023 prime time games present both challenges and opportunities.

Week 1 – Cowboys vs. Giants (Sunday Night Football)

The Cowboys begin their season with a high-stakes Sunday Night Football duel against the New York Giants. This rivalry, steeped in history and tradition, is always an electrifying match. The unpredictable nature of the Giants’ offense will provide an early litmus test for the Cowboys’ defense. It’s an important opportunity to set a winning tone and momentum for the season.

Week 5 – Cowboys vs. 49ers (Sunday Night Football)

The grudge match against the San Francisco 49ers will bring the Cowboys face to face with their 2022 season-enders. It will be a test of resilience and a chance for the Cowboys to turn the tables. A victory here, on the national stage, would not only be sweet revenge but also a powerful statement of intent for the rest of the season.

Week 6 – Cowboys vs. Chargers (Monday Night Football)

The Cowboys face a real test in Week 11, taking on the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. Known for their high-powered offense, the Chiefs will put the Cowboys’ defense to the test. This matchup will be a marquee game for the NFL season, with the result potentially having significant implications for playoff seedings.

Week 13 – Cowboys vs. Seahawks (Thursday Night Football)

In Week 13, the Cowboys host the Seattle Seahawks in a potentially decisive late-season clash. The Seahawks, with their experienced and battle-hardened squad, will not make this easy. This game could have significant playoff implications, making it a must-win for the Cowboys. The performance here will indicate the Cowboys’ readiness for a deep playoff run.

Week 14 – Cowboys vs. Eagles (Sunday Night Football)

The Cowboys lock horns with their division rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, in a Sunday Night Football showdown in Week 14. Divisional games are always highly charged, and with playoff seeding potentially on the line, this game promises to be an intense encounter. It’s a chance for the Cowboys to assert their dominance in the NFC East and secure a critical edge in the playoff race.

Week 17 – Cowboys vs. Lions (Saturday Night Football)

The last of their prime time games comes in Week 17 against the Detroit Lions. With the playoffs looming, this game could be crucial in determining the Cowboys’ postseason seeding. The Lions, despite their unpredictability, can pose a tough challenge and could potentially throw a wrench in the Cowboys’ plans. A strong performance here would ensure the Cowboys head into the playoffs on a high note.

Each of these prime time games presents its unique challenges, and how the Cowboys navigate through them will shape their 2023 season. These games, under the bright lights and in front of a nationwide audience, could prove to be the defining moments of their campaign.


The 2023 season is shaping up to be an exciting and challenging one for the Dallas Cowboys. With several prime time games against tough opponents, the team will have plenty of opportunities to prove its mettle. It will require skill, determination, and resilience, but if the Cowboys can successfully navigate their prime time schedule, they could well be on their way to a deep playoff run. Regardless of the outcomes, one thing is for sure: fans can look forward to some thrilling football under the lights this season.


When is the first prime time game of the Cowboys’ 2023 season?

The first prime time game of the Cowboys’ 2023 season is on Week 1 against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.

How many prime time games do the Cowboys have in the 2023 season?

The Cowboys have six prime time games in the 2023 season.

Who are the Cowboys facing in their prime time games?

The Cowboys will be playing against the New York Giants (Week 1), San Francisco 49ers (Week 5), Los Angeles Chargers (Week 6), Seattle Seahawks (Week 13), Philadelphia Eagles (Week 14), and Detroit Lions (Week 17) in their prime time games.

On which channels can I watch the Cowboys’ prime time games?

The Cowboys’ prime time games will be broadcast on NBC (Sunday Night Football), ESPN (Monday Night Football), and Amazon Prime Video (Thursday Night Football).

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