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Los Angeles Rams

The thrilling echoes of the 2022 season have gradually faded, making way for a new dawn in the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams, carrying the weight of a disappointing 5-12 record, are eager to move on from the previous year’s letdown. In a season tarnished by quarterback Matthew Stafford’s injury and the subsequent lack of playoff action, the Rams face a crucial 2023 season. With the NFL’s 18-week schedule now public, it’s time to dissect the Rams’ matchups, focusing specifically on their prime time games and how the team is positioned for the coming season.

Preseason Analysis

The preseason represents a chance for teams to shake off the offseason cobwebs and integrate newcomers into their strategies. For the Rams, the preseason phase will be of paramount importance, considering the core team’s stability. Matthew Stafford (QB), Cooper Kupp (WR), and Aaron Donald (DE) form the crux of the team, and their performance will be instrumental to the Rams’ success.

However, the preseason isn’t solely about these household names. It’s a stage where emerging talents and new acquisitions have the opportunity to prove their worth. The Rams’ draft picks and recent signings will be under the spotlight, seeking to contribute to the team’s success and secure their spot on the roster. Given the disappointment of the previous season, the coaching staff, under Sean McVay, will be under pressure to innovate and inspire.

Analysis of the Season

The Rams’ 2023 schedule promises to be a tough one, dotted with formidable opponents, some of whom have previously posed significant challenges. A key point of interest will be the Week 2 clash against the 49ers, a team known for its attacking prowess. Other vital fixtures, including those against the Colts, Eagles, and Cardinals, will demand the Rams’ best.

The team’s performance in these matches could set the tone for the season and determine McVay’s future. The Rams’ success hinges on a robust offense, orchestrated by Stafford, and a fierce defense, led by Donald. These units’ performance against their opponents’ varied attacks and defenses will create a compelling narrative throughout the season.

Prime Time Games

Prime time games are the pinnacle of the NFL week, when the national spotlight falls squarely on the participating teams. For the Los Angeles Rams, these matchups represent a golden opportunity to rise to the occasion, test their mettle, and display their prowess on a larger stage. The Rams’ 2023 season features two such high-stakes contests, both of which are crucial to their championship aspirations and critical in maintaining their fan base’s morale.

Week 3 – Rams vs. Bengals (Monday Night Football)

The first prime time game for the Rams takes place early in the season against the Cincinnati Bengals. This Monday Night Football spectacle will be a showdown between the Rams’ hard-hitting defense and the Bengals’ electrifying offense.

Having gone through a rebirth of sorts, the Bengals are emerging as one of the more potent teams in the NFL. Their offense, led by the talented duo of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, is known for its agility and explosiveness. Their dynamic play style will present a stern test for the Rams’ defense, testing their organization and discipline.

Matthew Stafford, the Rams’ seasoned quarterback, will also have a chance to stamp his authority in this game. His experience and control of the game will be pivotal against a Bengals defense that can often surprise opponents with its tenacity.

Week 16 – Rams vs. Saints (Thursday Night Football)

In stark contrast to their first prime time game, the Rams’ second such fixture comes late in the season. On Week 16’s Thursday Night Football, the Rams will square off against the New Orleans Saints, a team revered for its experience and grit.

By this point in the season, every game becomes crucial, carrying potential playoff implications. The Saints, led by their stellar defense and steady offense, are a daunting prospect for any team. The Rams will need to bring their A-game, leaning on their star players to break through the Saints’ defensive wall while keeping their own defense solid against the Saints’ methodical offensive advances.


As the 2023 season approaches, the Los Angeles Rams are set to face numerous hurdles and opportunities. Their schedule, laden with intense divisional clashes, enticing prime time games, and high-stakes encounters, promises to make the Rams’ season a thrilling spectacle. The team’s performance in these high-pressure situations will not only determine their playoff ambitions but will also shape the franchise’s future direction. Regardless of the outcome, one certainty prevails: this NFL season promises to deliver exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat football for Rams fans and NFL enthusiasts alike.


When is the first game of the Rams’ 2023 season?

The Los Angeles Rams will kick off their 2023 campaign on September 10 against the Seattle Seahawks. The game is scheduled for 4:25 PM Eastern Time and will be broadcast on FOX.

Who are the key players for the Rams in 2023?

Key players for the Rams in the 2023 season include quarterback Matthew Stafford, wide receiver Cooper Kupp, and defensive end Aaron Donald. Their performances will be instrumental in determining the Rams’ success this year.

How many prime time games do the Rams have in the 2023 season?

The Rams have two prime time games in the 2023 season. They will play the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 3 on Monday Night Football and the New Orleans Saints in Week 16 on Thursday Night Football.

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