Tennessee Titans 2023 Prime Time Games

Tennessee Titans 2023 Prime Time Games

The Tennessee Titans look to bounce back from a disappointing 7-10 season in 2022. With a challenging schedule lined up for 2023, it will take no shortage of resilience and tactical acuity from coach Mike Vrabel and his squad to improve their fortunes. The burning questions about the team’s quarterback hierarchy and the utilization of running back Derrick Henry only add to the intrigue.

Preseason Analysis

The preseason schedule for the Titans in 2023 includes games against the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and the New England Patriots. These encounters will give the coaching staff a chance to experiment with tactics and player rotations, potentially providing clarity about the starting quarterback position. Ryan Tannehill, Malik Willis, and the freshly drafted Will Levis are all in contention for this role, and their preseason performances could be decisive.

Analysis of the Season

In terms of the regular season, the Titans are set to face some stiff competition. The team has eight games against seven teams that made the playoffs last season. With a relatively easier strength of schedule (ranked 28th in the NFL), the Titans need to seize the opportunities against lower-ranked teams and pull out some surprise victories against stronger opponents to improve their playoff chances.

There are key games against the Bengals, Ravens, and Seahawks, all of whom made the playoffs last year, as well as two games against division rivals, the Jacksonville Jaguars. With five out of the last seven games of the season scheduled to be held at home, the Titans will have the advantage of familiar territory as they make their final push towards the playoffs.

Prime Time Games

Week 9: Away Game vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The 2023 season’s first prime time game for the Titans is slated for November 2nd, a thrilling away game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The duel is part of Thursday Night Football, and will be aired on Amazon Prime Video. The Steelers, known for their resilience and toughness, are set to host the Titans at Heinz Field.

In their last encounter, the Steelers emerged victorious, thereby setting the stage for a high-stakes rematch. The spotlight will be on Titans’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his squad as they seek to change the narrative and secure a crucial mid-season win. This game represents the Titans’ first prime time test of the season, signifying a thrilling journey ahead.

Week 14: Away Game vs. Miami Dolphins

December 11th marks the return of the Titans to prime time, with a Monday Night Football clash against the Miami Dolphins. The Titans will descend upon the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, preparing for a heated contest.

Riding on the momentum from their previous game against the Steelers, the Titans are expected to bring a high-energy performance. The highlight of the game is expected to be the contest between Derrick Henry and the Dolphins’ robust run defense. Henry, one of the Titans’ key players, faces a formidable challenge, setting up an intense and exciting game.

Additional narratives to watch for include a quarterback standoff between Tannehill and Tua Tagovailoa and a potential defensive duel between Jeffery Simmons and Christian Wilkins. This game could have significant implications for the Titans’ playoff hopes, adding another level of anticipation to this prime time showdown.


The 2023 season presents the Tennessee Titans with an opportunity to bounce back from the previous year’s disappointment. With an intriguing quarterback situation, a solid strength of schedule, and a couple of high-stakes primetime games, the Titans’ journey this year will certainly be one to watch. The success or failure of the 2023 season will hinge on their ability to respond to challenges and rise to the occasion, especially in the high-pressure environment of primetime games.


When are the Tennessee Titans’ prime time games scheduled for the 2023 season?

The Titans are set to play two prime time games in the 2023 season. The first game is a Thursday Night Football encounter on November 2nd against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The second prime time game falls under Monday Night Football on December 11th, when the Titans face off against the Miami Dolphins.

Where are the Tennessee Titans’ prime time games being held in 2023?

Both prime time games for the Tennessee Titans in the 2023 season are away games. The November 2nd game is at Heinz Field, the home stadium of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The December 11th game will take place at the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium.

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